Natural Power

Natural, profitable and sustainable products for crops

We are a company that develops innovative and sustainable products for crops and the environment. We seek to add value to productive agriculture.

As pioneers in the production of vegetable extracts for agriculture, Agrocube develops new technologies that improve current technological packages, increasing yields and meeting the needs and requirements of agriculture and food markets.

Agrocube’s products have a synergistic effect when they are applied with synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and traditional chemicals. They improve whole system’s efficiency, increase the profitability of the crops and value of the production chain and provide sustainability to the field.

Our goal is to establish new production parameters. We are therefore continually researching and creating new biopesticides, biofertilizers and biostimulants. We have a solid and empirical foundation which supports each and every one of our solutions.

Agrocube is made up of people committed to their work. Passion is the engine that drives us on the road to production. Rural areas and their people are our greatest incentive to create solutions that make the land a sustainable resource.