Solutions to increase yields

When it comes into contact with the cotton crops, BERN improves their general metabolism, stimulating growth and invigorating the plants. In this way, it allows both an increase in the efficient use of environmental resources and taking advantage of the crop’s complete potential.

At the same time, it has a significant effect on the crop, reducing any kind of biotic or abiotic stress that may occur during the production cycle, such as high temperatures, lack of water or attacks by pests and pathogens. In this way, cotton raw yields, ginning percentage and fiber quality are increased.

Since it is compatible with common practices used with crops, BERN is able to increase the overall efficiency of the technological package.

Main benefits

Increases yields and ginning percentages

Greater tolerance to attacks by pests and pathogens


Greater tolerance to unfavorable weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures or lack of water

Optimizes the efficient use of environmental resources and inputs

Yield increase

Over the past 8 years, trials have been conducted under a variety of conditions to advance the understanding of the scope of the yield improvements achieved by Bern. We continue to trial in more locations and on a variety of crops.

Yield response applying Bern in seeds


    • 120
    • 110
    • 100
    • 90
  • +15%

Average yield response to foliar Bern

Weight performance (Tons/Acre)

    • 130
    • 115
    • 100
    • 85
  • +25%

Fiber performance (Tons/Acre)

    • 130
    • 115
    • 100
    • 85
  • +23%

Usage recommendations

Dosages are for the purposes of general guidance. They must be adapted according to the state of the crop, soil type and weather conditions.


Seed application

0,75 ~ 1l / 100kg


Foliar application

2 ~ 4l / ha