Solutions to increase yields

More robust plants to reach the greatest yield

To increase the production of potato crops it is necessary to have an adequate area of green foliage that will allow the growth of the optimal number of tubers, of a good size and weight. Basel improves the efficiency of the general metabolism of the plants and stimulates the crop’s growth processes, creating plants that are more robust and efficient in their use of environmental resources and inputs.

In addition, Basel increases the crop’s tolerance to any kind of stress that may occur during the production cycle.

Main benefits

Maximizes the crop’s productivity

Increases the plant’s robustness


Increases the pounds harvested

Reduces stress caused by pathogen attacks or unfavorable weather conditions

Usage recommendations

Dosages are for the purposes of general guidance. They must be adapted according to the state of the crop, soil type and weather conditions.


Aplicación foliar

1,5 ~ 2%