Biosolutions for rice crops

Solutions to increase yields

In order to increase yields and achieve the greatest productivity in rice farming, it is necessary to improve the practices surrounding the management and use of environmental resources. BERN allows the crop to reach its full genetic potential, invigorating the plants, strengthening fruit setting and optimizing the use of inputs and environmental resources.

It also has a significant effect on the crop, reducing any kind of biotic or abiotic stress that may occur during the production cycle.

Since it is compatible with common practices used with crops, BERN is able to increase the overall efficiency of the technological package.

Main benefits

Greater tolerance to unfavorable weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures or soil salinity.

Optimizes the efficient use of environmental resources and inputs.

It has no effect on the plant’s phytotoxicity.

Does not leave waste products.

Maximizes the crop’s productivity.

Yield increase

Over the past 8 years, trials have been conducted under a variety of conditions to advance the understanding of the scope of the yield improvements achieved by Bern. We continue to trial in more locations and on a variety of crops.

Yield increase applying foliar Bern


    • 120
    • 110
    • 100
    • 90
  • +12%

Usage recommendations

Dosages are for general guidance only. They must be adapted to the local conditions - soil type and weather conditions - as well as to the particular crop.


Seed application

0,75 ~ 1cm3 / 100kg


Foliar application

2 ~ 3l / ha