Solutions to increase yields

ZURICH: for the crop’s first stages

The first step for achieving a good tobacco harvest is producing excellent quality seedlings, suitable for transplant. The seedling stage is the period of maximum sensitivity to both biotic and abiotic factors.

The use of ZURICH during the seedling stage and post-transplant drench increases root development, producing a more robust and uniform stand. In addition, it significantly reduces the damage caused by nematodes and/or soil pathogens and has an important anti-stress effect, reducing the negative consequences of extreme weather conditions.

BASEL: The greatest ally during the whole cycle

To achieve higher production and quality levels, the management of the tobacco crop’s nutrition is extremely important. In addition to the productivity increase, BASEL improves its quality, enhancing the glow and reducing holes in leaves. After the foliar application of BASEL, the crop is protected and more resistant to biotic or weather induced stress that may occur during the crop’s cycle.

Main benefits

Increases the crop’s productivity.

Improves the quality and uniformity of the plants.

Stimulates root growth.

Reduces stress caused by pathogen attacks or unfavorable environmental conditions.

Recovers the crop’s health.

Usage recommendations

Dosages are for the purposes of general guidance. They must be adapted according to the state of the crop, soil type and weather conditions.

Producto Forma Aplicación Momento de aplicación Dosis
Zurich Almácigo tradicional (en el agua de riego) Estado: 2 hojas verdaderas 1%
Entre los 15 y los 21 días 1,2%
A partir de los 21 días 1,2%
7 días antes del trasplante 1,5%
Almácigos flotantes En pileta 1ml/lt de agua
Aspersión foliar, según necesidad 1,5%
Drench/golpe al cuello de la planta 10-15 días post trasplante 2-4 lts/ha
Basel Aplicación foliar 30-35 días después de trasplante 3 lts/ha