Wheat and barley

Solutions to increase yields

When BERN comes into contact with wheat and barley plants it improves the efficiency of their general metabolism, stimulates their growth and invigorates the crop. The main effect is the plant’s tolerance to any kind of stress, be it water or temperature related or caused by diseases. In this way, crops with better health, more balanced growth and greater yields are achieved. 

In addition, the performance of fungicides is improved when they are applied together, increasing the overall efficiency of the technology package.

Main benefits

Maximizes the crop’s productivity

Increases tolerance to unfavorable weather conditions


Improves the crop’s health, reducing stress caused by pathogen attacks

Increases the efficiency of fungicides

Yield increase

Over the past 8 years, trials have been conducted under a variety of conditions to advance the understanding of the scope of the yield improvements achieved by Bern. We continue to trial in more locations and on a variety of crops.

Yield increase applying Bern in seeds


    • 120
    • 110
    • 100
    • 90
  • +15%

Yield increase applying foliar Bern

Weight performance (Tons/Acre)

    • 130
    • 115
    • 100
    • 85
  • +25%

Fiber performance (Tons/Acre)

    • 130
    • 115
    • 100
    • 85
  • +23%

Usage recommendations

Dosages are for general guidance only. They must be adapted to the local conditions - soil type and weather conditions - as well as to the particular crop.


Seed application

400cm3 / 100kg


Foliar application

2,5l / ha