Basel is a natural product based on active phyto-ingredients that increase productivity and enhance the natural defenses of the plants. It is used in intensive crops and with a foliar application.

Due to its innovative formula and mode of action, Basel manages to reduce the occurrences of the main foliar diseases that affect horticultural crops. In addition, it allows growing plants that are more robust and with a larger and higher quality yield.

Main benefits


biopromotor EFFECT

Increases the size and quality of the yield. Increases the plant’s robustness.



Increases the health of the crops.



Increases tolerance to temperature and water stress.



Ensures balanced growth and maximum yields.



Does not generate resistance, does not leave waste products and is safe for human health and the environment.


Tomato and pepper

Increase harvest quality and improve crop health.

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Lettuce and other leaf crops

Together with Zurich, it maximizes crop productivity.

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It reduces the chopping of leaves increasing the quality of the final product.

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How does Basel work in your crop?

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