Innovative technology

Innovation is part of our commitment. Each day we strive to perfect our products, always meeting the highest quality and safety standards. This is why we have a solid and empirical research base, carried out at the main European and Latin American agricultural institutions and laboratories, which supports each and every one of our solutions.

Activecrops is a product line made with polyphenolic extracts, obtained thanks to the innovative T-UP extraction process.

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What is the extraction process like?

Agrocube develops natural products by means of T-UP, an innovative extraction process that allows obtaining polyphenolic extracts and purified fractions of them without harming the bioactivity of the molecules. Completely organic methods are used during the whole process, using aqueous solvents.

T-UP technology guarantees the quality and absolute control of all production phases, ensuring the consistency of all the results.

Activecrops: Natural Products Rich in Polyphenols

Activecrops is a product line made with highly reactive substances that come from vegetable extracts that act on the plant’s physiology. These extracts are derived from plants that grow in environments with extreme conditions. As a result, they produce a high number of secondary metabolites and are rich in polyphenols, oligosaccharides and organic acids.

We have specific Activecrops for each kind of crop.

The Use of Polyphenols in Agriculture

Polyphenols are complex water-soluble substances that are essential for the physiological functions of plants. Due to their strong bonding properties, they possess an important antioxidant effect by capturing free radicals. In addition, they can bond with certain lipids and enzymes participating in signaling mechanisms. They are also capable of chelation with some nutrients, increasing their availability. Plans produce them naturally in the face of biotic or abiotic stress.

When coming into contact with crops, ACTIVECROPS stimulate the plant’s general metabolism: activating their natural defenses and increasing their rate of photosynthesis, leading to plants that are more robust and efficient in their use of water, nutrients and other resources.

How Activecrops work

Limiting factors of crops


Nutrient deficit.

Antioxidant effect.

Low temperatures.

Increase nutrient availability.

High UV radiation.

Stimulates the nitrogen assimilation process.

Pathogens and diseases.

Activates the general defense system.


Increase photosynthetic activity.

Sustainable agriculture

100% natural

Sin período de carencia

Harmless to beneficial insects.

Do not leave waste.

Safe for human health