About Us

Leaders in the development and selection of Polyphenols.

Why Agrocube?

We are leaders in the development and selection of Polyphenols (biomolecules) under strict research protocols along with the most important scientific and technical organizations.

Polyphenols are highly reactive substances from natural extracts that act on plant physiology at very low doses.

These extracts are derived from plants that grow in environments with extreme conditions, thus producing a large amount of secondary metabolites.

These metabolites were designed so that the plant can defend itself against desiccation, radiation, thermal variability, pest and disease damage, and in the soil they favor the development of beneficial and humus-forming microbiota, improving soil conditions as well as the absorption of different nutrients.

Agrocube gathers the best connection between scientific knowledge and practical application of polyphenols in order to offer solutions to various problems and challenges so as to achieve sustainable agriculture, protecting from environmental stress, pests and diseases and improving soil health for both organic and conventional production models.

Agrocube develops new technologies – global BIO products and crops – that improve current technology packages, increase yields and align the requirements of agriculture and food markets.