Bio AgTechnologies

Driven by technology and innovation.

AGROCUBE has a research and development program aimed at generating innovative and valuable solutions for the farmer, which seek to simultaneously improve the crop and the environment in a sustainable way.

Therefore, our research is focused in a holistic way and aimed at understanding the effect of polyphenols on soil, plants and the pests and diseases that affect them using the most appropriate analytical tools of physiology, chemistry, proteomics and genomics coordinating activities with the following institutions:

Effects of polyphenols on soil: National University of Quilmes (Argentina).

Effects of polyphenols on plants: University of Bologna (Italy); INBA (Argentina).

Effect of polyphenols on pests, nematodes and diseases: INBA (Argentina), University of Piura (Peru), Federal University of Vicosa (Brazil).

This integrated approach allows us to perceive how our active ingredients interact with the crop and the environment in general and provides us with information to use them in a way that generates multiple positive effects on the crop and the environment.

With these tools, the development work not only contemplates the different types of polyphenols, but also the combination with other types of substances and organisms that complement the action of the polyphenols and lead to the highest standards of response, always an environmentaly-friendly manner.

To develop the new products we apply a practical laboratory methodology that allows us to simultaneously evaluate the response of the mixtures on biostimulation and pest and disease control, and as additive, synergistic or complementary effects are detected, we proceed to field analysis and work on the formulations in order to obtain stable commercial products that have good dissolution, miscibility and adequate performance with different types of water.