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Bio AgTecnologías

Driven by technology and innovation.

Agrocube in the field

We have an extensive network of trials throughout America.


Plant Health

Portfolio of solutions focused on:
Plant health.
Stress mitigation.
Metabolic activation.

Crop Nutrition

Solutions focused on:
Crop metabolic and physiological activation.
Nutritional stress management.
Nutrient supply.

Soil Health

Solutions focused on:
Root development.
Microbiota improvement.
Improved efficiency in the use of nutrients and water.
Improved yield and quality.

Home & Garden

Solutions focused on:
Improving root development of potted plants, grass and fruit trees.
Promoting flowering and fruiting of ornamental and fruit trees.
Improving the health of soil, lawn and potted plants.

Our Purpose

To build a passionate team to design integrated, innovative and effective solutions to improve plant and soil health through natural and sustainable extracts which help solving current and future agricultural challenges.

Pests And Diseases

Stress Management

Talent Development


Integrated Solutions